Pegascoin decentralized cryptocurrency

01/ Algorithm

  • 100% POW DaggerHashimoto

02/ Miner reward

  • Befor block 500 - 5PGC
  • From block 500 to 3000 - 15PGC
  • From block 3000 to 150000 - 30PGC
  • From block 150000 to 990000 - 25PGC
  • After block 990000 - 5PGC

03/ Block time

  • Expected block time 30s



Low cost

Platform for P2P transactions

around the world

ROADMAP 2017-2018

About DOB

DOB it is the project based on Pegascoin blockchain.
The DOB allows you to invest Pegascoin in to depository (create a deposit)
for a certain period and receive accruals from each block mined by network.
At the end of the deposit period, the deposit and accrual amount
are automatically transferred to the balance of the account that opened the deposit.
DOB launch after block 150000.

Full details about dob in PDF




01/ Discordapp

02/ Bitcointalk

03/ Twitter

Price, charts


Windows wallet for cryptocurrency Pegascoin