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100% POW Ethash (Dagger Hashimoto) ASIC-resistance algorithm with 30s block time.
Features unique project DOB - DepositoryOnBlockchain.

Name: Pegascoin
Ticker: [PGC]

Algorithm: Ethash (dagger-hashimoto)
100% POW
Block time: expected 30s

  • Miner reward: before block 500 - 5PGC
  • from block 500 to 3000 - 15PGC
  • from block 3000 to 150000 - 30PGC
  • from block 150000 to 555555 - 25PGC
  • after block 555555 - 5PGC
Premine: None

Network ID: 1377959
RPC port: 8545
Listen port: 30313


Win Wallet

Available since day one, the Pegascoin wallet is a universal wallet for most coins based on ethash algo. Current wallet version is Win64 v1.6 DOB.

Web Wallet

In January 2018 the web wallet launched with DOB support and private key recovery, easy to use by linux or mac users as well - at the present time version 1.0.

PGC<>ETH Exchange

In February 2018 was launched own P2P exchange with no third side fees and orders build by sellers, an exchange between buyer and seller address directly.


This coin development is maintained, actively supported and all updates are tested before release. Support is provided in BCT forum, discord or email.


Pegascoin launched on August 29, 2017 on bitcointalk forum.

Launch day provided wallets and pools making mining easy and possible with NO premine.

First exchange to trade PGC was starting September 2017, followed by PGC<>ETH and BTC-Alpha.

After a one month test, in December 2017 we have launched DOB 1.0, followed in early 2018 by Web Wallet and PGC<>ETH exchange.

In April 2018, PGC has forked at 555555 with miner reduction from 25 PGC per block to 5, followed at block 564000 by DOB 2.0 launch.

What is DOB 1.0?

In Q4 2017, project named DOB (DepositoryOnBlockchain) has been launched.

The basic blockchain for DOB is the blockchain of the crypto-coins Pegascoin.

We have integrated the ability to work with DOB in our wallet, which will allow each Pegascoin coin holder to use the DOB capabilities.

You can see DOB stats here:
Page indicate current depositary weight, last 10 deposits and a form for checking the current accruals for the entered deposit ID.

Deposit Types in DOB 1.0

The DOB project allows you to invest Pegascoin in to depository (create a deposit) for a certain period and receive accruals from each block mined by network.

At the end of the deposit period, the deposit and accrual amount are automatically transferred to the balance of the account that opened the deposit.

Deposits are divided into types. Each type of deposit strictly corresponds to: the amount of the deposit, the term of the deposit and the weight of the deposit.

Learn more about DOB 1.0

DepositoryOnBlockchain may sound complicated but is very easy to use. Here is DOB 1.0 whitepaper
(that you can open with Adobe Acrobat Reader or any .pdf reader)
and a list with Frequently Asked Questions that will help you understand how DOB 1.0 works.

What is DOB 2.0?

DOB 2.0 launched at block 564.000 on April 10, 2018.

DOB 2.0 (DepositoryOnBlockchain second generation) allows you to invest pegascoins into depository for 3 months period and receive daily accruals. The basic blockchain for DOB is the blockchain of the crypto-coins Pegascoin.

DOB 2.0 is a hybrid of masternode (MN), staking and deposit:

* MN because has worth amount that people need to have on balance.
* Staking because people get accruals and do not send worth amount anywhere.
* Deposit because has fixed deposit price and term.

What is DAC in DOB 2.0?

Each account that registers in DOB2.0 is named DAC (abbreviation of Deposit Account).

To register a DAC is required to:

have a balance on account address in amount of

send transaction with PRICE AMOUNT (1000 PGC) to registrar address with data 01

After passing the balance check, DAC will be registered for 3 months.

DOB 2.0 Payments System

Everyday DOB 1.0 will send to DOB 2.0 address amount: total daily mined blocks *1.75 PGC

Balance of DOB2.0 address at the time of reward distribution will distribute to all registered DACs in equal parts.

Before getting total registered DACs DOB2.0 will check each DAC balance and expiration period.

If the DAC doesn't pass the check, it will be excluded from the list of reward receivers.

Learn more about DOB 2.0

DepositoryOnBlockchain second generation has available for you the DOB 2.0 whitepaper
(that you can open with Adobe Acrobat Reader or any .pdf reader)
and a list with Frequently Asked Questions that will help you understand how DOB 2.0 works.

What is Orbitary?

ORBITARY - a partnership project with the site

Where you can get significant bonuses for the use of PEGASCOIN.

On the pool of you can increase the profitability of mining by 20-30 percent!


Below are few .bat samples and info to help you start mining using Claymore miner (as example). More on pools.

Mining .bat Windows

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool stratum+tcp:// -ewal PGCaddress -epsw x -allpools 1 -allcoins 1
-gser 2 -eworker rig1

Mining .bat Linux

./ethdcrminer64 -epool stratum+tcp:// -ewal PGCaddress -epsw x -allpools 1 -allcoins 1
-gser 2 -eworker rig1

Nicehash Mining

This is sample using minerpool:
Port: 7009
Username: your Wallet ID
Password #



You can trade pegascoin on the following three exchanges:

btc alpha

stocks exchange

letsdocoinz exchange


pgc eth exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

For fast dev support and meet other miners join our discord

  • Activation of the deposit is through the PegascoinWallet, win or web wallet version.
    For win wallet, you must select an account in the Accounts panel and click on the Open depository button. There are 2 lists in the Depository panel. The first list shows all the deposits for the selected account. The second list shows the possible types of deposits for activation, as well as the price and the quantity of types of free to activate deposits displayed. Scroll up/down to switch via lists. If there is a free deposit type in the depository, the possibility of a deposit is unlocked and button Activate Deposit is enabled the investor can activate the deposit at the deposit price indicated at the moment. After choosing the required deposit and pressing the Activate deposit button, the necessary balance is checked for the buy of the deposit. If the result is positive and the password is entered from the selected account, the wallet will reserve the deposit type chosen by the client on the server of the depository at the specified deposit price. With a positive response from the depository, a transaction is made from the investor's wallet in the amount equal to the deposit price + deposit amount. Those if the investor has activated the type of deposit number 1 for the deposit amount of 100 PGC at a deposit price of 0.5 PGC, the amount of 100.5 PGC will be debited from the account balance. After deposit was activated he has status RES - reserved.
    When DOB is checked this deposit and registered in DOB the deposit status change to REG - registered.
    After that investor can activate new deposit.
    If deposit has status REM - removed that mean that DOB reject deposit.
    At the end of the deposit term, the depository system will automatically pay to the investor's address the deposit amount and all accruals for the entire validity period of the deposit. In this case, the status of the deposit in the wallet will change to END and the amount of the transaction will be indicated in the note field.

  • If you want to make deposits you need at least 1 deposit available. Check (or in wallet) and when 1 available make a deposit.

  • You can always check PGC total coins here: on "Total Coins" field and updated MarketCap on "MarketCap" field.

  • Never create an account without adding a password, because later will be ask for it to send coins.
    If you forget your password, you will never be able to use wallet. Keep it safe.
    Never, do not run the wallet directly from the archive. Only by unpacking it you can use it.
    If someone does not listen and will start from the archive, then look for your files somewhere here

  • has no third side fees and can be used without the risc of your coins to be controlled by third party exchangers.


All donated coins will help PGC to be added on more exchanges and to support development

BTC: 1C5RU2WprJrzorrkXA4Vnh6JqurqtpJ2ti
ETH: 0xb8c5861C26B95A34aD704C6eEfa947b9877b7dC0
PGC: 0xb8c5861C26B95A34aD704C6eEfa947b9877b7dC0